What is co-generation?


Cogeneration is the creation of two types of energy from a single piece of equipment. Cogen is also called Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Combined heat and power or CHP works by generating electricity, and using the resulting heat energy for other things such as heating water.

Since combined heat and power equipment generates electricity on location, it doesn’t have to generate as much because no power is lost on the lines (as is the case with grid power from the utility company). Making use of the resulting heat energy not only saves you money, but has a huge impact on your carbon footprint.

A residential cogeneration system can save the equivalent of 240 gallons of gasoline each year! As mentioned above, electricity from the grid isn’t efficient. In fact, it can end up at only about 35% efficient by the time it arrives at your home. A cogen system drastically changes efficiency and it’s both a dollar amount for the homeowner, and an environmental plus for everyone. Some units combine generating electricity with heating the air or water in your home. Others store unused energy which can often be sold back to your local power companies grid, at times for a profit over your home's energy bill.

Cogeneration is definitely an option worth considering if you want to power your home’s electricity and heating and air conditioning more efficiently. Ask Calgary Retrofitters about a cogen system, and take a step towards saving our valuable, natural resources.

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Why Cogeneration?

Save money - save environment!

  • Save up-to 240 gallons of fuel per year.
  • Improve electricity efficiency in your home.
  • Optional ability to sell unused electricity back to the grid.
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