Heat Recovery


One of the downsides to having an air-tight, well sealed, energy efficient home is that trapped air becomes stale. Trapped air generates both moisture and pollutants. Moisture comes from cooking, washing, showers and even from the respiration of people and animals living in the home. When the level of moisture in the home becomes excessive, at first you may notice condensation on the interior of the windows. In reality, the moisture can cause structural damage to the home and is also dangerous as it provides a conducive environment for dangerous mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites and bacteria.

In addition to moisture and contaminants, many appliances with a combustion system potentially can leak gases into the home living environment, like carbon monoxide, which can be very dangerous, even fatal. Some common sources of danger are gas ranges, water heaters, unvented space heaters, leaky chimneys, and wood stoves.

The recommended amount of air changes is .35 per minute. Unless their are high winds, even the most drafty of houses will not come close to this minimum safe level. But drafts and open ventilation cause increased energy rates, as the cold outside air entering takes more energy to heat than the stale recycled air in the home. One solution is a heat recovery ventilator which is similar to a balanced ventilation system, except that it uses the heated air leaving the home to heat the fresh air entering, thus saving on energy loss. Some modern heat recovery ventilators can recover up to 85% of the outgoing heat. Making your home comfortable and energy efficient, while preventing dangerous moisture, stale air and trapped gasses.

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Why Do You Need an HRV System?

Save money - save environment!

  • Exhaust, stale, polluted and humid air.
  • Introduce fresh, dry, warm air into the home.
  • Transfer heat from stale, damp, exhaust air to preheat fresh incoming air.
  • Reduce condensation, mould, mildew, etc.
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