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One way to reduce water costs in your home and to save the earth's most precious resource is by installing a low flow toilet. Low flow toilets use less water to move the waste products through the home's sewage lines. Today's low flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush compared to more than 5 gallons in the recent past. In fact an average household with a low-flow toilet now saves 26,538 gallons of water annually when compared to households that used toilets with 7.0 gallons per flush.Low-flow toilets now save the average Canadian household (2.64 people) about 25 gallons of water per day, or more than 9,000 gallons per year.

Initially the manufacturers simply reduced the amount of water flow without looking at the overall design and the resulting toilets did not perform well. Often requiring 2 to 3 flushes to remove waste. This, actually caused increased water consumption and left customers with larger water bills and completely disappointed. Newer, modern designs have changed the entire design of the flush systems often offering a liquid waste and a solid waste flush option, thus allowing the consumer to decide on the correct quantity of water required. Two basic designs include the gravity flush and the pressure- assist toilets. Gravity assist toilets are the current high efficiency standard in most homes. They use gravity to push a lesser quantity of water through the bowl to eliminate the waste. Whereas Pressure assist toilets, while more expensive, are better suited to large buildings and homes with poor drainpipe carry.

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Why Low Flow Toilets?

Save money - save environment!

  • Low-flow toilet saves an average of 26,538 gallons of water per year.
  • Water-efficient toilets save money.
  • Help environment by reducing draw on public utilities.
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