Radon Gas Testing


Radon is a colorless odorless gas that comes from the natural disintegration of ground minerals and materials. Combustion appliances, like furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces, as well as exhaust fans and vents, reduce the indoor air pressure and because of the lowered air pressure, the radon gas can easily leak into your home.

The majority of homes in the Calgary area, whether a slab or a basement, are built on concrete. Although extremely hard, concrete is actually porous. The naturally rising Radon gas is pulled into the house by the negative vacuum and in through openings or cracks and through the pores in concrete. Modern houses tend to build up radon, because the building envelope is almost airtight while the foundation is "leaky" to soil gas.The heavy radon gas will usually accumulate in basements and on lower floors. Heating and air-conditioning, natural air movement, and diffusion of radon atoms through the floors and walls distribute radon throughout the house.

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer, after smoking. As such, careful testing and mitigation must be a priority for the Calgary homeowner. To properly mitigate the radon in your house accurate measurements must be performed. Calgary Retrofitters are equipped with the latest technology in Radon Gas Detection. After determining the quantity of Radon in your home, Calgary Retrofitters can determine the best plan of action. The but the best and most common radon mitigation technique is called either soil depressurization, or active subslab depressurization (ASD), or subslab suction (SSD). This is by far the most common type of radon reduction system installed today. A hole is drilled through the basement slab, a cavity is excavated beneath the slab, and 3" or 4" diameter PVC pipe is run up from the slab, out through the basement wall, where it connects to an exterior mounted exhaust fan. From the fan, an exhaust pipe runs up at least 10 feet above ground level, and 10 feet from any windows.

Contact the expert team at Calgary Retrofitters to test, measure and mitigate the Radon levels in your home. Rest assured, we put the health and safety for you and your family first.

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