Programmable Thermostat


Home heating system thermostats have made many advances in the past 15 years and now are actually micro-computers, which can intuitively control your home environment to each individual's liking. The controls are highly customizable from colors to backgrounds to fluctuating temperatures based on daily/weekly/monthly and even yearly home heating patterns.

Choosing the correct thermostat for your home can be rather complicated. Firstly, it must offer fully integrated control with your home furnace as well as meet your specific home-owner needs. Your trusted team at Calgary Retrofitters can assist you in determining the home thermostat that offers the best compatibility with your heating system and meets your family's programming desires as well as aesthetics, and good taste. Modern thermostats are designed to reduce energy expenditure while maintaining the highest level of comfort for you the homeowner and your family. Energy Star approved thermostats boast energy savings of up to 28% over manual thermostats, leading to a big impact on decreasing your energy bill and protecting the environment.

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers a traditional look with very advanced energy saving features. As you begin using the Nest, you go about the day, adjusting the temperature to your liking while the Nest is learning to predict your temperature needs daily. It begins to adjust the temperature independently thus saving you on your heating bills. It can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer and can sense when you have left the home, and lowers the temperature accordingly. Energy use analytics are available upon demand as well as tips for better energy cost reduction. An appealing sleek design adds to the charm and ease of use.

Honeywell, a trusted name in heating solutions, offers a thermostat line called Lyric. Also, a fully customizable thermostat offering additional home safety features like notifications of a sudden drop in temperature or a leaking pipe, sent immediately to your mobile device. Allowing you full control over your home environment from virtually anywhere in the world. The Lyric is also designed with energy saving features such as detecting and learning homeowner patterns and recognizing an absence of activity in the home.

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Why Upgrade Your Thermostat?

Save money - save environment!

  • Energy savings of up to 28%.
  • Additional home safety features like mobile phone notifications.
  • Full control over your home environment.
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